Drink Driver Insurance Cover

Insurance for Drink Driver Convictions

After obtaining a DUI you may be wondering if it is ever going to be possible to get back on your feet and back on the road again. With insurance prices already being quite costly, adding a conviction into the mix can only increase the price.

Fortunately, insurers realise that not all convictions are intentional or done deliberately, so they try to help people find an easy solution to insurance after a conviction. Obtaining insurance after drink driving may seem like a challenge, but there are some specialist insurers and brokers that try to make it is as easy and pain-free as it can be.

What May Have Happened

While most people would frown upon the idea of driving under the influence, not all Drink Drinking Convictions are the result of reckless, dangerous decision making.

The alcohol limit can often be dependent on a person’s body and how it processes alcohol. Things such as metabolism, what they’ve eaten and types of alcohol you drink can have a heavy influence on how alcohol impacts your body.

With this in mind, it can be hard for a person to accurately know exactly when they are at the drink-driving alcohol limit unless they are visibly drunk (or carry around a breathalyser). This could cause people to be above the limit unknowingly. Similarly, because different people process alcohol at different rates, there are some people that will get caught driving over the limit, the day after. For example, you could go to a bbq in the summer, conscientiously taking public transport or arranging for a taxi, but the alcohol can still be in your system the following day, and if you then drive to work and get stopped, you can still be over the limit. Regardless of this, it is still a crime to drive when you’re over the limit, whether deliberate or not.

If you are unsure of your limits, the easiest option is to forgo driving after drinking.

Things to Consider

While a DUI does not prevent your eligibility for insurance cover, it does however, increase the cost and conditions laid out by the insurance provider substantially. When applying for insurance policies it could be beneficial for you to take a few things into consideration.

Type of car – While it is understandable that as a convicted driver the type of vehicle you drive isn’t as easily amended, it is still a good idea to take into consideration that your vehicle choice impacts your potential premium.

Where you store your vehicle – The safety of your vehicle is one of your insurers primary concerns, if you prioritise keeping your car in a safe environment such as in a locked garage, then it could potentially lower premiums compared to if you keep it parked overnight on a public road.

Black Box – This small device was initially aimed towards the younger generation to monitor their driving and prove their worth to an insurer, however some insurers have adapted this policy to cover those with convictions too, to help reduce the cost.

What Does Drink Driver Insurance Cover?

Most convicted driver insurance will potentially offer the same types of cover as any other standard insurance type; a drink driving conviction is no exception.

As someone convicted of drink driving, you have one of the only convictions that is eligible to be offered the opportunity to participate in a Rehabilitation course. On completion of this course you may then be eligible for a discount on your premium depending on your insurance provider – so make sure you ask your broker about this.

Most insurers that provide convicted insurance will offer you the standard 3 main covers:

Third Party Only – This insurance provides cover for the third party if you were to be the cause of an accident.

Third Party Fire & Theft – This is essentially the same as Third Party Only but with the added benefit of being covered in the event your vehicle is either damaged by fire or is impacted by theft.

Comprehensive – This is the highest form of cover that insurance offers, and in most cases this insurance covers both you and the third party in the event of an accident that is deemed your fault.

This does not restrict you on what insurance types you can get, although it may end up being quite costly.


If you are seeking car insurance for drink driving then you should consider what you could do to lower the potential premiums yourself before diving into a quote. In doing this you have all your details set and ready, you know what is doable for you and you are equipped to know exactly what you need when gaining an insurance policy.